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High Efficiency Flexo Folder Gluer Machine For Corrugated Casemaker

Product Details:

Place of Origin:China
Certification:CE, ISO
Model Number:YX-1224

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity:1 Set Flexo Folder Gluer Machine
Packaging Details:Flexo Folder Gluer Machine Packages By Plastic Film, Container
Delivery Time:6 Months For Flexo Folder Gluer Machine
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T
Supply Ability:50 Sets Per Month For Flexo Folder Gluer Machine

High Efficiency Flexo Folder Gluer Machine For Corrugated Casemaker

1. Slotting Unit

  • Printing Roller

  1. With printing plate, outer diameter φ420mm

  2. High quality steel production, surface grinded, hard chromium-plated. Static balance adjustment, stable operation, suitable for high speed running

  3. Roller horizontal direction and circumferential direction with datum line, convenient for align plate

  • Pressing Roller

  1. Adopt high quality seamless delicately processing, dynamic balance adjustment, stable operation

  2. Diameter φ175mm, surface grinded, hard chromium-plated

  3. pressing roller, feeding shaft can be adjusted by manual , and loose and tight the roller also by manual.

  • Anilox Roller

  1. Outer diameter φ212mm

  2. Steel anilox roller, brand HAILI

  • Rubber Roller

  1. Outer diameter φ200mm

  2. Rubber roller adopts Guangdong Jingyang.

  3. Overrunning clutch and automatic idling device, to prevent the ink dried

  • Feeding Roller

  1. Feeding roller diameterφ86mm, four wheels feeding

  2. Feeding roller gear adopts no-side-gap regulating mechanism, can adjust the interval of 12mm

  3. Hand adjustable rapid clearance adjustment self-locking device, fast, reliable.


3. Slotting Unit

  • Single-axle double-knife slotter, use Internal tooth structure adjutment the height of box, So that oil does not easily contaminated cartons

  • The first pressure line round, after preloading cardboard not easily crush

  • The above press round Urethane appearance package, will not damage the cardboard

  • The slotter knife stock use traverse mechanism, screw with linear guide, to move more flexible and precise

  • Slotting phase and box height, computer and electric digital control

  • Preload, creasing gap adjustment adopt computer and electric digital control

  • The slotter knife stock gap adjustment adopt self-locking structure

  • There's the elastic corner-cutting knife. Can cut three, five, cardboard without adjusted.

  • Preload wheel, creas wheel, slot knife traverse position computer and electric digital control

  • The slotter knife adopt Anti-knife manner

  • Computer automatic arrange knife, can stockpile 999 memories


4. Die-cutting Unit

  • Rubber roller mechanical spiral commutation 40mm move about horizontal structure

  • Die-cutter phase, computer and electric digital control

  • Horizontal phase, computer and electric digital control, range ±5mm

  • Rubber roller and die roller gap use computer and electric digital control,

  • Adjust the transfer roller use computer and electric digital control,

  • The rubber roller compensated by motor-driven,control the speed of thr rubber roller, range ±3mm

  • Rubber roller hsiuping cutting structure, keep rubber surface roughness

  • Stripping the belt longitudinal output,to easy clean waste paper.


5. Gluer line Unit


  1. Mechanical speed: 255m/min.

  2. Main Motor power: 18.5kw

  3. Running Motor Power: 42kw (depend on running )

  4. Control way: PLC program control

  • Gluing part

  1. Gluing box was used elastic fixed, structure is simple and reliable, easy cleaning.

  2. Gluing wheel was used stainless steel, make sure using long-term.

  • Counter Ejector

  1. Photoelectric switch counting, three units servo motors cooperated to make sure the precise counting under high speed running, accurate and reliable batch with little impact.

  2. Pneumatic paper pushing structure to push out the counted carton box neatly.

  3. Back baffle can be adjusted electrically as per the cardboard width machine.


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