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High Defination Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter Machine

Product Details: Place of Origin: China Brand Name: YUNXIANG Certification: ISO,CE Model Number: YX-1224 Payment Shipping Terms: Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set Flexo Printer Slotter Machine Price: Negotiation Packaging Details: Flexo Printer

High Defination Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter Machine


1. LEAD EDGE Feeder Unit


  • Lead-edge Feeding System

  1. Can measure the corrugated cardboard thickness, can adjustment feeding gap automatic

  2. 7.5KW high pressure centrifugal fans, according to the cardboard warping degree of frequency control pressure, to ensure warp cardboard or thin cardboard high-speed accurate transmission.

  3. Left and right side baffle position electrically adjustable, screw-driven.and can remember by computer.

  4. Front baffle adjust the position of the upper and lower intervals synchronization by manual.

  5. Skip-feeding devices, could select skip-feeding according to needs. To ensure that large-scale cardboard can also be processed.


  • Machine Separation & Combination

  1. Button switches electrically control the separation and combination of machine, with automatic alarm device, continuously alarm while moving, to ensure safety of operators.

  2. Air pressure interlocks, lock securely, conveniently and accurately.


  • Dust-removal System

  1. Adopt brush cleaning device, equipped with strong Negative pressure suction fan, clearing the dust, paper scrap or other waste, to improve printing quality.


  • Feeding Roller: Feeding Roller

  1. Upper feeding roll adopts outer diameter φ156mm rubber roller, elastic buffer wear rubber (inside soft, outside hard), dynamic balance correction, to ensure smooth and accurate feeding.


2. Printer Unit



  • Printing Roller

  1. With printing plate, outer diameter φ408mm

  2. High quality steel production, surface grinded, hard chromium-plated. Static balance adjustment, stable operation, suitable for high speed running

  3. Roller horizontal direction and circumferential direction with datum line, convenient for align plate

  4. Fixed coil axis, suitable for standard hanging slats, realize rapid change plate


  1. Include infrared ray heating device according ITALY technical

  2. Can heating cardboard after print, for more high defination printing quality


  • vacuum sucking transport UNIT

  1. Use Italy technical sucking transport device

  • Anilox Roller

  1. Outer diameter φ212mm

  2. Ceramic anilox roller, brand HAILI

  3. Ceramic anilox roller mesh: 220-600 line


Good brand doctor blade from Guangdong province


  • Ink System

  1. Pneumatic diaphragm pump, simple operation, convenient maintenance, supply stability

  2. Circulating pneumatic ink

  3. Screen for filtering impurities, guarantee printing quality


  • Phase Adjust System

  1. Planetary gear structure

  2. Digital computer 360 ° adjustment, both running and stopping state conditions


  • Phase Fix System

  1. Pneumatic brake device, Unit separation and combination or phase adjustment, original point of transmission gear with constant


  • Zero Device

ü Auto-zero device, to ensure that the units have a uniform adjusted basis, reducing cardboard waste,edition memory function.



3. Slotting Unit


  • Angle cutter made by ITALY model, cutting ring use Rubber materils

  • Computer auto control cardboard size by Linear guideway

  • 6 shaft with rubber pre-creasing line, creasing line, slotter line

  • The first pressure line round, after preloading cardboard not easily crush


4. Die-cutting Unit



  • Rubber roller mechanical spiral commutation 40mm move about horizontal structure

  • Die-cutter phase, computer and electric digital control

5. Folder Gluer Unit


  • Folding part

  1. Device , which can make sure the folding precision.

  2. The back part adopts vacuum suction belt to convey cardboard, in case the cardboard slide away and two folding parts are not joint together completely.

  3. The back part is equipped with down folding belt, which speed is faster than the upper folding belt, the friction of the down belt movement will offset the resistance produced by folding cardboard, to reduce problem thatthe two folding parts of the cardboard are not joint together completely.

  4. The back part adopts rounder tower forming folding method, make the cardboard folding precision well controlled and the forming carton box with good shape.


  • Gluing part

  1. Gluing box was used elastic fixed, structure is simple and reliable, easy cleaning.

  2. Gluing wheel was used stainless steel, make sure using long-term.

  3. The frond of gluing wheel was used electric brush wheel,remove the waste of cardboard connection tongue, make sure connection tongue gluing well-distributed.

  4. The optional system to spray on glue.



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