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Flexo Folder Gluer Machine For Making Corrugated Carton Box

Product Details: Place of Origin: China Brand Name: YUNXIANG Certification: CE,ISO Model Number: YX-1220 Payment Shipping Terms: Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set Flexo Printer Slotter Folder Gluer Packaging Details: Flexo Printer Slotter Folde

YUNXIANG Flexo Folder Gluer Machine For Making Corrugated Carton Box



1. Feeder Unit


  • Whole machine control

  1. Electric control machine clutch with alarm, moving last warning bell ring;

  2. Main motor is controlled by frequency converter, and has started to protect function (the machine without solid lock cannot be started);

  3. All the machines are equipped with safety control switch, can walk on the machine internal control of the machine, ensure the operation safety

  4. Pneumatic interlocking device;

  5. Adopt PLC programming control electrical action execution.


  1. Guangdong OUJINTE feeding system, three axis roller feeding

  2. Fan is controlled by inverter, can track the speed of the car speed to control the air volume size;

  3. Back paper holder frame with high and low before and after the use of electric adjustment;

  4. Left and right side platens adjustment can be set automatically by computer, digital display;

  5. Stop clearance electric adjustment;

  6. Sensor and counter, it can automatic statistical production quantity;Can also be set production number, can reach a set number of automatically stop feeding. 


  • Printing Roller

  1. Printing shaft diameter: 391mm.

  2. Shaft head of the forging parts, cone-shaped transition, roll adopts the seamless steel pipe, after all the processing for dynamic balancing correction

  3. High quality steel production, surface grinded, hard chromium-plated. Static balance adjustment, stable operation, suitable for high speed running

  4. Roller horizontal direction and circumferential direction with datum line, convenient for align plate

  5. Fixed coil axis, suitable for standard hanging slats, realize rapid change plate  

  • Anilox Roller

  1. Outer diameter φ212.14mm

  2. Ceramic anilox roller, brand HAILI

  3. Ceramic anilox roller mesh:300-900 line


  1.  Equipped GUANGZHOU brand doctor blade

  • Zero Device

  1. Auto-zero device, to ensure that the units have a uniform adjusted basis, reducing cardboard waste,edition memory function.




  • Feeding shaft

  1. Up and down for Φ transmission shaft diameter 100 mm, was made from solid steel, after former plated on the ground again

  2. Transporting FuLi rubber wheel package, on the transmission wheel knurling, after wearing can change quickly

  3. Transmission electric wheel clearance adjustable up and down


  • Slotting shaft

  1. Slotting knife shaft phi 170 mm diameter solid steel, before and after the plating on the surface of the grinding time.

  2. Slotting knife material adopt alloy steel, the width of 7.5 mm, heat treatment hardness is HRC60-63.

  3. Slotting knife material using alloy steel, heat treatment hardness of HRC60-63.

  4. Trimming knife material using alloy steel, on the blade for V, knife under two pieces, heat treatment hardness is HRC60-63.

  5. Slotting knife gap, the computer can be set automatically adjust, digital display;The adjusting range of 0-12 mm




  • TOP RUBBER shaft

  1. Outer diameter 388.9, seamless tube material, dynamic balancing correction, shaft head forging, more rigid

  2. Rubber thickness 8, diameter 404.9, width 250 mm, total 13 pcs

  3. With the adjustment electric/computer cutting die clearance

  4. Transverse displacement device, mechanical drive 40 mm cutter anvil cylinder reciprocating movement, prolong the service life of the rubber gasket

  5. Repair the rubber gasket turning device, for rubber mat used after finishing for many times, reduce the cost




  • Mechanical speed: 250m/min.

  • Main Motor power: 18.5kw

  • Running Motor Power: 42kw (depend on running )

  • Control way: PLC program control.


  • Folding part:

  1. The upper and down conveyor clamping the cardboard to move forward,the cardboard inlet interval, as well as upper and down conveyor interval all adjusted electrically.

  2. Paper entering section adopts spring pressure wheel to load cardboard, limit device is equipped in the pressure wheel, and the interval between the wheel and down conveyor can be adjusted independently, make sure high paper feeding precision.

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