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High Defination Lead Edge Flexo Printer Slotter Machine

Product Details: Place of Origin: China Brand Name: YunXiang Certification: CE,ISO Model Number: YXHD-1224 Payment Shipping Terms: Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set Flexo Printer Die Cutter Machine Packaging Details: Flexo Printer Die Cutter Ma

High Defination Lead Edge Flexo Printer Slotter Machine


This machine is composed of paper feeding, printing, die cutting, stacking, etc. It can complete the printing and die cutting of three-layer and five-layer corrugated cardboard at one time.

1. Wall panel thickness 50mm, material is HT250, process: medium frequency tempering internal stress, increase wall panel density, hardness, strength, toughness, and conductivity, artificial aging treatment, large processing center pair processing, high strength, High precision, never deformed.
2. The transmission system adopts large helical angle helical gear transmission, which has low noise, enhances the strength of the gear, and improves the transmission stability of the gear. All transmission gears are made of 40CrMnTi high-quality alloy steel, which is quenched and tempered by high-frequency quenching, super hard processing and fine grinding. It has high strength and durability. The whole machine adopts closed spray lubrication and oil balance device to ensure the gears are highly lubricated forever.
3. The bearing adopts international imported high quality brand-name bearings. One by one inspection, qualified to enter the warehouse.
4. Each unit is electrically connected and equipped with an alarm bell. When the clutch is engaged, the bell is continuously alerted to ensure the safety of the operator. The units can collide with each other during the wrong operation.
5. Each unit has an automatic zero return system, and a small amount of cardboard can be sent to the correct size to reduce the waste of cardboard.
6. The whole machine is beautiful in appearance and soft in color. The modular design allows you to increase or decrease each unit arbitrarily.
7. The motor uses a variable frequency speed control motor. The electrical appliances adopt Schneider and Chint brand-name products.
8. Pneumatic components: The cylinder adopts Zhejiang “Sanzheng” brand-name cylinder, the solenoid valve adopts Guangzhou “Yadeke” brand-name products, and the diaphragm pump adopts Zhejiang “Desheng” brand-name products. The rubber roller adopts the high-quality rubber roller produced by Baoding Jinghui Rubber Roller Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
9. The ceramic anilox roller adopts high-quality ceramic anilox roller produced by Jiangsu Haili Company.

Equipment Feature

The whole process of vacuum adsorption transmission, using 5.5KW high-efficiency energy-saving frequency conversion motor, all ceramic adsorption paper feed wheel, the paper feeding is accurate and smooth. 0 pressure does not hurt the cardboard.
Servo die cutting is equipped with German Rexroth servo motor and independent servo die cutting.
The ink transmission system is designed to be reformed. It adopts imported motor with cross link shaft and gear transmission to reduce noise, enhance the tightness of the transmission, improve the running speed and stability of the machine, and improve the printing precision and overprint precision.
The machine is evenly inked, the ink volume is controllable, the ink is prevented from overflowing, and the exterior of the ink path is clean and hygienic; and the ink-deficient alarm device is provided to prevent damage to the rubber roller due to lack of ink, and the waste product productivity can be effectively reduced.
Each unit is equipped with a contact flow type oil level balancing device to prevent the lack or overflow of oil in individual units.

Lead edge 


1, machine clutch
1) The electric control machine is equipped with an alarm bell, and the bell is continuously ringed during the journey to ensure the safety of the operators.
2) The drive shaft is equipped with a friction clutch to avoid malfunction and damage the machine.
3), pneumatic interlocking device.
4) The main motor starts to protect the device. After the units are closed, each group is pneumatically locked and equipped with a total locking cylinder, which can make the units and the bottom rail lock together. When the cylinder is not locked, the main motor cannot start running; when the main motor is running, the locking cylinder cannot be opened.
1), matching leading edge paper feeding system, high-precision paper feeding, intelligent and controllable paper feeding time. It can transport hard cattle cardboard and three, five and seven layers.
3), vacuum adsorption paper feeding, to overcome the difference in the degree of bending of the cardboard, to ensure smooth paper feeding.
4), the side baffle electric adjustment, the front baffle gap manual synchronous adjustment, the rear baffle position electric adjustment.
5), separate sheet feeding device (you can choose continuous or separate sheet feeding).
6), the planned production quantity can be set. When the plan is completed, the system automatically instructs to stop feeding and send a warning signal. The paper feeding unit is equipped with a PLC color touch screen, which displays the phase setting of the printing and die cutting section, and can set and display the production quantity to the single alarm.
3. Vacuum cleaner
1), equipped with high-quality brush, and equipped with a vacuum device, can remove impurities on the printing surface of the board to improve printing quality.
4. Transfer paper feeding system:
Passing paper feeding adopts high-efficiency energy-saving frequency conversion motor, vacuum adsorption, all-ceramic adsorption paper feeding wheel, and the paper feeding is smooth and fast.
5, automatic zero device
1) The paper feeding unit, printing unit and die cutting unit are electrically reset to zero.
2), the general carton uses the automatic zeroing device, the test can be adjusted to the correct position with less sheets, reducing the waste of cardboard.
Printer Unit

1, printing roller
1) Printing roller ¢ 405.6 (including diameter ¢ 410)
2) Seamless steel pipe material, surface grinding, hard chrome plating.
3) Balance correction and smooth operation.
4) Ratchet fixed coil plate shaft, full-hanging grooved hanging plate. It is equipped with a hanging correction function, which saves the hanging time and improves work efficiency.
5) When loading and unloading plates, the electric control of the foot switch is reversed.
6) Phase adjustment: The printing roller is equipped with automatic zero return device, and adopts PLC multi-function touch screen control, touch screen man-machine interface, click to enter the plate roller phase adjustment interface; with automatic zero return, automatic plate and preset print position, etc. Features.
7) The axial adjustment is electric adjustment, and the adjustable distance is 10mm each.
2, embossing roller
1) High-quality seamless steel pipe, which is made by deep hole boring and boring.
2) The outer diameter of the stamping stick is ¢154mm.
3) High frequency hot loading, double disc welding.
3) Balance correction, remove the centrifugal force and run smoothly.
4) The embossing roller gap dial shows electric adjustment, the adjustment range is 1-11mm, and it is connected by the cross slider. When adjusting, the transmission gear will always ensure the correct position to engage.
3. The ceramic anilox roller adopts Jiangsu Haili Company to produce high-quality ceramic anilox roller, and the cable can be selected from 350-600 lines/inch.
1) The outer diameter of the net stick is ¢212mm.
2) The dots are consistent and the ink is evenly distributed.
3) The anilox roller gap dial shows electric adjustment, the adjustment range is 1-8mm, and the cross slider is used for connection. When adjusting, the transmission gear will always ensure the correct position to engage. (The cross slider is a bearing type cross slider)
4) Pneumatic lifting net roller prevents the ink from drying out when the printing plate is repeatedly inked and the machine is stopped for a short time.
5) This machine adopts the domestic famous brand Guangdong Keruo stable scraper system.
4, the ink chamber
1) It is made by Guangzhou Kerou Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
2) Innovative chamber fluid dynamics and ink seal design, good ink transfer effect, and more ink saving.
3) Air pressure or cylinder adjustment lock, scraper wear automatically compensates, so that the anilox roller and the squeegee fit better to obtain the best squeegee effect.
4) All-round installation design can replace any old-fashioned rubber roller or single scraper system.
5, ink system
1) Ink is applied by pneumatic two-way diaphragm pump, the ink supply is stable, and the operation and maintenance are simple.
2) Ink cup to prevent ink splashing and venting,
3) Stainless steel ink fountain, automatic cycle cleaning and automatic inking.
4) The equipment is equipped with an ink-deficient alarm system, which has high and low liquid level detection. If the ink quantity is insufficient, the alarm bell will be automatically sounded, and the ink quantity will be fully suspended. 


Slotter Unit

A. Pre-pressure wheel (outer diameter φ198mm)
1. The upper and lower pre-pressing axles are seamless steel tubes with an outer diameter of φ130mm. The surface is polished once before plating and after plating, and the shaft is matched with five sets of pre-pressing wheels;
2. The outer pressure wheel is wrapped with the superior rubber, which does not damage the cardboard. The superior glue and the crimping seat adopt a detachable structure for easy replacement;
3. Pre-press wheel gap, computer can be adjusted, digital display, adjustment range 0-12mm.
B. Pressure roller (outer diameter is φ294.11mm)
1. The upper and lower pressure roller shaft diameter is made of seamless steel pipe, the outer diameter is φ150mm, the surface is polished once before plating and after plating, and there are four sets of pressure roller;
2. The outer pressure roller is wrapped with the superior rubber, which does not damage the cardboard. The superior rubber and the crimping seat adopt a detachable structure for easy replacement;
3. Press down the gap of the reel, the computer can be set to adjust, digital display, the adjustment range is 0-12mm.
C. conveying shaft
1. The outer diameter of the upper and lower conveying shaft is φ100mm, which is made of solid steel and is ground once after plating.
2. The upper conveying wheel is covered with voltaic rubber, and the lower conveying wheel is knurled, which can be quickly replaced after being worn;
3. Electric adjustment of the upper and lower conveying wheel gaps.


Die Cutter Unit


1. Pressure roller
1) The shaft diameter is 85mm, seamless steel pipe, after two grinding processes, the surface is plated with hard chrome and the movement is stable.
2) The pressure dial wheel dial shows electric adjustment. The adjustment range is 1-10mm. It is connected by the cross slider. When adjusting, the transmission gear will always ensure the correct position.
2, pad roller
1) Rubber pad roller Φ434.2 unknown mm (excluding superior rubber pad)
2) Alloy structure seamless steel pipe processing and grinding, hard chrome plating.
3) Youli rubber pad thickness 8mm. (outer diameter 450mm) width 250mm, under normal circumstances, 6 million times


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