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YX-1224 High Definition Printer Slotter Machine For Carton Box

Product Details: Place of Origin: China Brand Name: YUNXIANG Certification: ISO,CE Model Number: YX-1224 Payment Shipping Terms: Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set Flexo Printer Slotter Machine Price: Negotiation Packaging Details: Flexo Printer

YX-1224 High Definition Printer Slotter Machine For Carton Box




  1. TOP SPEED1224 adop fully automatic computer control. No need adjust by wheels.

  2. Equipped with independent operations console for remote diagnosis, remote network control orders, speaking, reading and writing, etc

  3. Max speed 325pcs/min. Equipped ceramic roller and doctor blade for much better printing quality.

  4. Equipped taper transition of drive roller ensures stability under high speed printing machine.

  5. Adopt high quality alloy steel 20 CrMnTi gear grinding gears, guarantee the equipment under the high-speed transmission stability.

  6. Equipped with automatic tracking units can be on paper, printing, slitting, die-cutting position automatic tracking, ensure that don't have to return to zero in the process of production operation, change quickly, improve work efficiency.

  • Feeder Unit

  • Whole machine control

  1. Electric control machine clutch with alarm, moving last warning bell ring;Main motor is controlled by frequency converter, and has started to protect function (the machine without solid lock cannot be started);

  2. All the machines are equipped with safety control switch, can walk on the machine internal control of the machine, ensure the operation safety Pneumatic interlocking device;

  3. Adopt PLC programming control electrical action execution.


  • Printer Unit

  • Printing Roller

  1. Printing shaft diameter: 391mm.

  2. Shaft head of the forging parts, cone-shaped transition, roll adopts the seamless steel pipe, after all the processing for dynamic balancing correction

  3. High quality steel production, surface grinded, hard chromium-plated. Static balance adjustment, stable operation, suitable for high speed running

  4. Roller horizontal direction and circumferential direction with datum line, convenient for align plate

  5. Fixed coil axis, suitable for standard hanging slats, realize rapid change plate

  6. Electric 360° adjust printing roller, automatic digital display adjustment, remember store digital.

  7. Installed with foot switch to control plate roller reversing, convenient change plate

  8. Auto-zero function, order memory.

  9. Printing roller plate-change and fix-plate function.

  10. Printing roll axial is adjusted left and right by manual, maximum movement left and right 10mm,auto-zero instruction.

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